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Invest in ETH Fan Token and enjoy the world of rewards and benefits in Crypto Ecosystem.

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What Makes ETH Fan Token different?

We have grown to be a strong core project based on our community of holders who have put their faith and trust in us due to our dedication to success and unparalleled transparency. Our smart contract is fully audited and we hold weekly voice calls or AMA to keep our community up to date on the project as well as taking feedback and suggestions. Most importantly, the biggest differentiator is that ETH Fan Token pays dividends to holders in the form of Binance Pegged ETH. Dividends are transferred to holders free of gas fees – which has never been done before.

 Every step of the project is taken with the utmost care and precaution. As the saying goes, sometimes the fastest way isn’t always the best way – Sometimes the best things in life take time.

How to buy $EFT

  • Download and set up MetaMask or Trust Wallet 
  • Purchase BNB (BEP-20) and send to your wallet address
  • Revisit this section of our website, or visit our Dashboard or PancakeSwap 
  • Insert the amount of BNB you would like to swap for $EFT
  • Change the slippage amount to between 1%-15%. Depending on the buy and sell pressure, higher slippage may be necessary
  • Press “Swap” and confirm the transaction in your wallet 
  • Congratulations – welcome to the ETH Fan Token community!

If you prefer the PancakeSwap option, click “select a currency”, and enter and import the $EFT contract address:


Market Cap


Holders Worldwide


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Innovative Tokenomics

6% on buy / 8% on sell for ETH Rewards

Our holders will enjoy the benefit of being rewarded with Binance Pegged-ETH by just holding our token.

To be eligible for dividend, holders need to have  a minimum of 200,000 $EFT

Rewards will be proportional to the number of tokens held by holders

2% on buy / 2% on sell for Marketing Tax

The marketing tax is spent on frequent influencer posts, posts on renowned crypto websites, etc., to ensure consistent visibility throughout the cryptocurrency space.

1% on buy / 3% on sell for Automatic addition to Liquidity

It will be added automatically to the Liquidity Pool on Pancake Swap (PCS)

1% on buy / 1% on sell for Development

Development tax is used towards development of future utilities such as staking pool,  voting dashboard, the community and further utilities


Buy $EFT now.

Invest in ETH Fan Token and enjoy the world of rewards and benefits in Crypto Ecosystem.

We encourage all investors to get to know us! We had numerous investment successes, but we aren’t immune to the scams in the crypto space. We still advice you to Do Your Own Research (DYOR) before investing with us.


Our BEP-20 Smart Contract is as follow :

We recommend verifying it on BSC SCAN.

By purchasing a minimum of 200,000 EFT, you will be eligible for rewards proportional to the amount of token you hold.

Rewards will automatically be sent to your wallet. You can also claim your rewards manually by connecting your wallet to our dashboard and paying minimal BSC gas fee.

We have some exciting utilities to be released in the near future, we will start with releasing a new token called ETH Fan Burn (EFB) Token, followed by staking, community voting in the dashboard and a community investment pool . We are also working toward branching off to different blockchain – Polygon

We are always working in the best interests of the community. EFB Token will be used to actively burn EFT while also providing EFT reflections. Staking will reward holders with additional EFT, while continuing to earn Binance Pegged ETH. Voting apps will not cost any gas fees to vote as it will be off-chain. Lastly, branching off to other chains will allow us more exposure.

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